March 08, 2016

First Love

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Published by Bhaswanth Chiruthanuru


There may be millions of billions of people living in the world. Every one has their own lives, but most of the people has one common thing in their lives, the most common thing which leads to a great change in life, the most common thing which add pretty smile to our lips when we memorize it, the most common thing ever happens in everyone’s life is “First Love”. The beautiful feeling ever happened in everyone’s life. The wonderful feeling which leads our life to a new chapter. First love is even more beautiful when it happens in the age when we don’t know what the love means. When the same thing happened in my life, I am not fully aware of the world. It suddenly happened when I dunno anything, when I am in a world which is full of studies and stress, when my world became dark, she entered into my life like a lightning. When I saw her for the first time, I forgot my stress as well as I forgot what’s happening around me. First time I felt something happening differently inside my heart. Its a magic moment which froze me for a while. I dunno what’s exactly happening to me all I felt is her. That magic moment made me feel real joy inside heart content. For the first time I experienced the whole night sleepless, for the first time my heart is full of her thoughts, For the first time I wanted my dreams come true when she occupied my dream world, for the first time I felt like I am attracted to her thoughts. At that time, I even dunno the meaning of love. But for the first time, I wanted to be with her. Whatever the feeling is, but I just like it.I just felt something amazing happening. I just wanted to hold her from going away from me. Even I didn’t talked to her as well as she didn’t, but the feelings increased day by day. Every day her thoughts disturbing me even more. I like the feeling when my eyes searched for her, I liked the feeling when I used to see her smile secretly, I liked the feeling when my heart followed her thoughts. Those are the most beautiful feelings I have ever experienced in my life. Those are the wonderful days I spent in my life. This may not only happened in my life, but also this feeling will be a common thing in most of the teenagers lives. Some people call it as crush and some people call it as infatuation or attraction.Whatever name it will be called with, but it’s the most beautiful feeling which leads us to a new life. First love may not be true, but it will teach a worthy lesson about true love. According to most of the people including me, first love is the key to unlock true love. We may forgot the love happened after first love, but when we think about our past love stories at any age, when we memorized our past, the first thing will be flash in our mind is our “First Love”. No matter what the age is, but when we memorize our first love, the feeling is same. Most of the people may fail in first love, but surely luckiest people are those who got married to their first love. No matter how many love stories happen in our life, but first love always had a special in our heart. “First Love is the Best Love”.




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