March 08, 2016

Love of Life

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Published by Bhaswanth Chiruthanuru


It’s saturday 11:30 PM This is the time whole city is sleeping and dreaming about their wonderful tommorrow. Birds are taking rest on their nests and preparing to make the morning even more beautiful with their sweet voice. The moon is watching this peaceful night from the mid sky and smiling. The whole city is sleeping except me. While the whole city is silent, there is no silence in me. Her thoughts are running on my mind, her memories and her cute smile which made me fall in love with her, all are running in my mind. One year and four months completed from the day when I proposed my love to her. One year and four months completed from the day when she rejected me without even a second thought. But still the same love or even more I am feeling on her. That’s what my mind can’t accepting. My mind just want to clear her thoughts. But when my mind thought to clear her thoughts, suddenly my heart will protests and took my mind back to her memories. When the whole city is calm, I felt a war inside me between my heart and my mind. My mind fights to clear her thoughts and my heart to hold her. But every time my heart wins the war finally. This may because of my mind too don’t wanna leave her. I just feeling this while lying on bed helplessly. My mind seeking answers, but my heart has no answers. It just want to hold her. I dunno why I am having this much of feelings on her, even she clearly rejected me without even a second thought. May be that’s what attracted my heart. I dunno who she is and anything about her. All I knew about her is she is not fake. Everything she did from heart content. Her smile is pure, her thoughts were pure, her love is pure and even her rejection is pure. That’s what made me addicted to her. One year and four months, this is the first time I felt that time is running too fast and took her away from me. This is the first time I felt I am thrown away into a dark world. My mind is asking “Why her?”, this time my heart replied without taking time, “I saw beauty on some and childishness on some and happiness on some, but all I saw on her is myself”. My mind asking “why still struggling for her?”, my heart slowly replied that it’s not for her, it’s for myself lies in her. I am not loving any other except myself. I can feel the peace when I am smiling as well as I feel the same when she smiles. I can do anything to make myself happy as well as I felt the same when doing for her. Love is not about two persons or two hearts. It’s all about two parts of one soul. I didn’t hold anyone of my thoughts, I am just looking for another part of my soul to complete myself. There are much more alternatives for rejection, but is there any alternative when life rejects?, I may born with an incomplete soul, but all I wanna be live and die as complete. The reply from my heart made my mind struggle, my mind just can’t able to accept the truth that I still on same or even more love with her. Now the time is 12:00 AM. While the argument between my heart and my mind is going on, while the moon is watching this drama from the mid sky, while cuckoos are singing for me, slowly sleep came over my eyes and welcoming her to my dreams…




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