March 08, 2016

The Hidden You

Self Development

Published by Bhaswanth Chiruthanuru


Hi friends, it's me your Bhaswanth. Hope you know me well as you read my previous stories. Till now I came up with the stories related to love. But this time I came up with a new story from which I got inspiration. I liked this story very much and hope you will enjoy too. So Once you finish your cup of Tea, we will enter into our story.

Once upon a time, there is a small village named Gyanpur. Gyanpur is a beautiful village which is surrounded by hills and fields and fully populated with farmers. On a fine day, two kids names Ram and Shyam was playing in the fields. Ram is a 12-year-old kid and Shyam is an 8-year-old kid. They were playing happily in that fields and enjoying the greenery and listening to the beautiful sound made from trees moving by air.

But all of sudden, Ram fell into a well while playing and started to scream for help. Shyam found Ram and searching for anyone to help. But there is no one in their surroundings to help. Ram is screaming as he didn’t know how to swim. Shyam is crying helplessly looking at his friend’s situation. But suddenly he found a rope near him. He took that rope and passed it to Ram. Ram held that rope tightly and Shyam tried to pull his friend with all the strength he has. Finally, he pulled Ram completely out of the well without any major injuries. Ram felt very of his friend that he tried a lot to save his friend.

Finally, they reached home and told this matter to everyone. But no one believed them and everyone laughed at them and told them that is not possible for an 8-year-old kid to lift 12-year-old kid. This matter spread to the entire Gyanpur and everyone saying that it is not true. One day a person told this matter to a Priest. But the Priest simply smiled and told him “Yes, I believe this”. The person who narrated this story to the Priest asked how it is possible for an 8-year-old kid to lift 12-year-old kid. Then the Priest simply said, “There’s no one there to tell that 8-year-old kid that he can’t lift a 12-year-old kid”.

So, friends, the story is completed and you can chill now. If you wonder why I narrated this story to you, I will explain why. This story teaches us about the self-confidence. When Ram fell into well, Shyam didn’t think about possibilities, but all he wanted to save his friend. He believed in himself that he can rescue his friend and he tried using all the energy he has and that’s why he got to succeed. Here my point is there are plenty of people around us to discourage us and insult us. But if we trust ourselves, none of them can stop us from achieving our dreams. At the initial stage, so many people will insult you and show you most of the examples. But you need to be crystal clear that A jackal only copies the tiger, but the tiger won't copy anyone. Be a tiger and do as you wish. No matter who is trusting you but all you need to trust yourself. There are no achievements made without insults and discouragements. They took insults as boosting and failures as lessons and made their steps to success. Here I can tell you one thing, Be like you, whatever, whenever and wherever. Don’t hear any other’s words. Even if you bring Cheetah to a swimming competition with Turtles, we all knew who will win. But that doesn’t mean Cheetah is useless. Be like you and Do whatever you want.




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