March 08, 2016

The Hunt For King

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Published by Bhaswanth Chiruthanuru


Once upon a time, there is a forest. Obviously Lion is the king of the forest. In the administration of the Lion, all the animals in the forest living happily. Suddenly the Lion got sick and died due to illness. Now the forest fell into lack of leadership. So, all the animals in the forest gathered for a meeting to elect their new leader. All the animals argued that they are the best and eligible to be a king.

Suddenly a Duck entered into the meeting and said “Dear comrades, I heard all your conversations till now. Sorry to say that I can’t stop my laugh after listening your words. Actually none of you are better than me and I am the most eligible to be a king among all of you. Because I can run on earth, swim on water and fly on sky too. No one of you can do all these. So I am the best among all of you, so its better for all of you to accept my leadership and make me the king of this forest” to all the animals and kept calm as he waiting for the response of the other animals.

After listening to the Duck, all the animals fell into thoughts that Duck was right. Suddenly an old elephant interrupted their thoughts and said to the Duck “Dear friend, whatever you told about is correct actually. But you are not eligible enough because you can run on earth but not as fast as Cheetah, you can swim on water but not as deep as a Whale and you can fly on sky but not as higher as Eagle. I agree you have basic skills on all these but that doesn’t make you a king of this forest. A king in the sense he had his own capabilities that others don’t had. And a leader in the sense he can use his capabilities to lead his companions into the right path. These capabilities will make a good leader as well as a good king. So, you can’t be a good leader. Sorry to say but we don’t accept you as our king”

After listening his words all the animals realized what they need and the Duck realized how foolish he was and went away from there. While the meeting is going on, all the animals heard a gruesome roar and then realized that a new Lion entered the forest. So, all the animals ran to hide from the Lion with happiness that they got their new king for the forest.

Actually my grandfather told me this story in my childhood days. At that time I didn’t understood the exact moral of this story. But these days I came to realize the real moral of this story. Actually this story reflects our current education system.

Now-a-days education be like pushing same concepts to multiple students and testing students in same strategies that some people are not capable in that concept and decides the capabilities of students based on the results. In my aspect it doesn’t make sense. For example, Imagine that an elephant, a monkey, a fish and a crow were assigned for a flying test, who will win? Obviously the crow, because he is the only one who can fly, so he can pass the test. Is that mean the others are useless? Actually the elephant had enough strength to move a tree along with its roots, a monkey is capable to climb any big tree, and a fish is capable to swim deeply in water. Actually the crow doesn’t had all these capabilities, all he can do is fly. So he will pass the test and others will decided as losers.

In my aspect every one has their unique talents and capabilities. And it doesn’t make sense when all are treated in same manner. Everyone need education to sharpen their skills. But our current education system be like treating everyone in same aspects and then differentiating students based on their exam results. I think this may damage the self-confidence of a student who is failed in exam. For example, in the above story, when Duck told that he is best than others, all the animals fell into thoughts that they really are useless comparing with Duck, even they all knew that they had their own capabilities.

These days the people who are like ducks will survive in our education system and will be treated as merit students. And the rest will be treated as failures or useless. Actually the current education system accepting stones instead of diamonds. These days education made students forgot the real meaning of education and prepare them to study to write exams or to get job or to earn money.

Sadly, these days parents who are responsible for identify their kids capabilities and to encourage them to achieve their dreams are motivating their kids to study for money only and to pass exams in any manner for the certificate.

Coming to the teachers, in my aspect, a good teacher only can make a good student and a good student will be a good citizen and make their parents and their motherland proud. But sadly now-a-days, teachers will became the one who differentiate the students based on their exam results. Even they are blaming students who got failed in exam on which they are not capable. Imagine once that if a teacher differentiated students as merits and non-merits, then how the students of non-merits believe in their own capabilities and skills? In my aspect education in the sense learning to enhance their skills and capabilities. But sadly the current education system is totally running based on money.

Here my conclusion is every person has their own skills and capabilities comparing with others. I think everyone will be succeed when they stop copying others who are succeeded are comparing with others. If a person is succeeded because he believed his own talents and capabilities. Even you have your own capabilities, you can succeed if you believe yourself. All these will work only if you stop copying others or comparing with others. Because “Jackal may copy the Tiger, but tiger will never copy others or compare himself with others.”




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