March 08, 2016

The untold love story

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Published by Bhaswanth Chiruthanuru


It’s Thursday night 11:00 PM. Neil lies on bed and forcing himself to sleep even he can’t able to. Because his mind is filled with tense and thoughts. Because tomorrow is the final episode of his one side love story. Apsara, the girl who completely Neil’s heart and mind, the girl who made him fall in love at his first sight of her. Neil and Apsara were classmates in engineering, Neil fell in love with Apsara when he first saw her. Even he had plenty of love on her, he didn’t expressed his feelings to her. Probably because of fear that she might reject his love.

Actually Neil is a good looking guy as well as filled with shy. He rarely talk with girls in case of any need only. And Apsara is a good looking girl with curly hair and smiley face which is filled with innocence and joy. That’s what attracted Neil in his first look. Neil rarely talked with Apsara due to his over fear and shy. Even he is loving Apsara from past three years, he didn’t even dared to talk with Apsara directly. At least he didn’t knew even Apsara knew that he is loving her. Finally three years over and tomorrow is farewell function of their batch in his college. Now there is no time for Neil to wait to propose Apsara. Finally he decided to express his love to Apsara in farewell function. His friends also suggested him the same. If he doesn’t propose her, she might go far away from his life which he can’t reach. Neil doesn’t want to miss Apsara as he loving her, he wants her as his life partnes as well as soulmate until the end of life. Now there is only hours of time left for that moment.

Neil is forcing himself to sleep, but his mind is full of thoughts about his proposal tomorrow. Now the time is 11:45 PM, slowly his thoughts begun imaginations and then into dreams and finally sleep occupied his eyes and his thoughts.

Apsara! his dream girl standing in front him, and looking into his eyes as she is waiting for his proposal. He is staring at her and can able to feel her thoughts. She is smiling and looking at him, slowly he hold her hand. The sky is beautiful as he is with their dream girl. While enjoying the climate, suddenly a grisly noise his alarm threw him from his dream world to real world. For a while, he can’t understood what happened. The dream he dreamt felt like real and he just wanted to spend his entire life on his dream. After freshup, he made his way straight to the college without even having breakfast. He didn’t want to eat anything, even he is hungry, his fear and tense covered his hunger. Finally he reached to college and the college is well decorated and farewell celebrations are clearly visible from outside of the college as there is celebrating a mini festival inside. He started to search for Apsara, but she is not found. May be she didn’t came yet! as he reached to college too early due to his over excitement.

He is standing on upstairs of college, from where the whole college is visible. He is standing there and looking for Apsara as well as thinking simultaneously. Now the time is 9AM, he is staring at main entrance of the college from upstairs. The college is becoming rush with students who is gathered for the inauguration. While he is staring at the main gate, his eyes slowly attracted to a girl. He is staring at her and his heart is beating too fast as when he saw Apsara for the first time. Slowly, she turned and her face is visible to him, Apsara! his dream girl, the girl who stole his heart on first look now looking like an angel in half-saree. Neil ran from upstairs and within seconds he reached to party hall, where the farewell is inaugurated.

Neil searching for Apsara in the hall and hound her seating on the third row from front. He took a seat near her from where she is visible. While Apsara enjoying the party, there is no joy in Neil’s face, yet he is feeling fear and tense. He is staring at her, the time is up for his one sided love, the result will be decided in few minutes. He is so tensed and so many thoughts running over his mind and for the first time he is praying for the time run slow. His heart is filled with fear. In a few minutes, he have to express his feelings to Apsara.

Finally the time is up, not only for the conclusion of party but also for Neil’s love story. Neil came out of the party hall and waiting for Apsara to come as his mind is full of fear. While he saw Apsara coming out, his heart started to beat fast and his breathe became too heavy. He is staring at her from long distance. She is talking with her friends. Neil is standing long away from her, yet so many thoughts running in his mind. Suddenly a new thought raised that what happens if she reject his love? his heartbeat stopped for a second when this thought came to his mind. Unexpectedly his eyes filled with tears.

Even he didn’t expressed his feelings to Apsara, he didn’t ever felt that he is going to miss her. She had been a part of his heart as well as his soul. In these three years he didn’t ever breathe without remind her name. He had that much love on her. Now the new thought killing him inside. What if she reject his love? he had no answer because he didn’t ever prepared for that. His breathe stopped for a while, his heart is beating so heavily. He is staring at her as she is talking with her friends happily. While staring at her, Neil can’t stop his tears. Neil didn’t ever saw her talking to any boy before, then how she will accept Neil’s love. Neil is dying inside and stuck on his thoughts.

Neil is still thinking, he just can’t able to decide anything, he can’t propose her because of the fear she may reject him and he can’t even imagine a life without her and yet he don’t wanna miss her in life. He is staring at her from long distance, she is so happy, the cute smile on her face added even more cuteness to her face. What if that happiness will be gone, because of his proposal? he can’t able to accept what his heart telling as his eyes were already filled with tears. He wanna see her happy as well as he wanna make her happy. He can’t able to bear tears on her eyes. Finally he came to realise what his heart told him. The rose flower in his hands which he brought to gift her fell down, not only the flower but his heart too. His thoughts of proposal were gone. He looked at her once, she is shining like a princess. He can’t spoil her happiness, no matter what the situation is. He is loving her with his complete heart and soul. No matter whatever and whenever, she will stay in his heart until he meets his death he loves her. He cleaned his eyes and turned back to go.

When he prepared to go out, “Neil!”, A voice shout his name stopped him. The voice is not strange for him, even this is the first time he heard his name from that voice. He froze when he turned back and saw the person in front of him. Apsara! his love, his dream girl, now standing in front of him and called him with his name. He didn’t ever expected this even he always dreamed it to happen. He can’t stop his feelings right now, even he wanna hear his name from her voice. He froze, while standing standing in front of him and smiling.

Slowly she said, “Neil! I am observing you from the first time I saw you, you look different from others, I didn’t saw you talking to any other girl till now, only you liked me which I too wanted to. I dunno why I felt you are strange and near to my heart, may be its because of your attitude or may be of your innocence, but I always feel a joy when I see you. I know you like me a lot as well as the same feelings I had on you. Neil! For the first time I came to know how precious the time is, every day, every moment when I see you. I always wanted to hear from you Neil, I can feel your feelings right now! your heartbeat, your breathe, your fear all are expressing the truth, then why don’t you?” when he still froze, she slowly put the flower in his hands which he dropped before and said “This is the time Neil! do you wanna tell something that I wanted to hear from you?”

Neil’s eyes filled with tears, but this time with surprise and happiness as unexpectedly he said “yes! I wanted to” with low voice and neel down in front of her and hold the flower in his hands and said “Life is too short Apsara! destiny already decided whom to meed in our lives, and when destiny decided no one can stop us meet. Life is just a line which is connecting two dots one is birth and another one is death. I dunno when I meet my second dot, but when I am in the stage of my end, I just wanna hold your hand and tell you that I am very lucky to have you in my life as my wife. Apsara! will you give me that chance? will you be mine, forever! endever?” completed his words and took deep breath as he waiting for her response.

Apsara can’t stop her tears after listening his words, she didn’t understood how bearing this much of feelings on her. Slowly she took the flower in his hands with a smile and said “Neil! I am yours”. That one word from her made Neil froze with a new joy, yet he felt like new chapter of his life started. Slowly he stand and looked into her eyes, her eyes were filled with new shine. He can feel the love in her eyes right this moment. Slowly he held her hand when her face is filled with happiness as the new chapter of love started on their lives. Neil — Apsara’s pair made pegions, the symbol of love made a little bit of jelous.

The love story of Neil and Apsara is succeed and they will live forever until they meet their end. This shows how lucky Neil is, his dream girl proposed him first on her own. But actually, all boys are not as lucky as Neil, they are so many boys are waiting to propose their dream girls but holding back due to fear in case she might reject him. Dear girls! if a boy is loving you truly, he can’t able to dare to propose you, because he had a fear of rejection. Our fear doesn’t mean can’t, fear is the symbol of true love. Even we had this much of fear, yet if a boy proposed, that means he faced a war inside him to dare propose you. Just think once before you rejecting any boy, he is loving you, he care for you, he fight for you and he will make you happy all time. If your reject a boy who loved you truly, that doesn’t mean he missed you, In fact, you missed him and true love. If you reject him, he may love the girl he got, but surely you never get the boy who loves you like him. So Dear girls! just think once and please don’t reject a boy without reasons, because you may feel proud that you rejected a guy who proposed to you, but you will never know how much he suffer because of your rejection. We boys had a bad habit to imagine the complete life with your when we start loving you, if you reject, our entire life will be dart and empty and you dunno how much we suffer with empty life. So please try not to reject true love.




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