March 08, 2016

The Valentines Day

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Published by Bhaswanth Chiruthanuru


February 14(Valentines Day) at 5:30 PM. Today is the symbol of love. For couples, today is an important occasion, for one-sided lovers today is the worst occasion to remind their memories and cry. And for singles, today is just a normal day. Of course, I am a single too.

I am at the nearby shopping mall from my house. I just came to see how the celebrations are going on and also to have my favorite snack at KFC. The mall is fully decorated with red colored balloons and carpets and a statue of a couple is placed in the center of the mall with a message of Happy Valentines Day. In the entire shopping mall, that statue has been the center of attraction. So many couples are taking selfies with that statue. Even I tried to take one but left due to shy :)

The entire mall is occupied by couples even the food court and my favorite KFC. There is no place for me to enter. Even now I forgot my hunger completely and watching how the couples are enjoying the moments. Some of the couples are busy shopping, some of them are on food court and some of them simply sitting and enjoying the company of their loved ones.

The air is filled with the freshness of love, the sky is filled with lovebirds, the sun is in red color which is a symbolic color of love, the surroundings are filled with couples and the evening is filled with the joy.

“I can feel the freshness of the air,

I can feel the love on my surroundings,

I can feel the magic of this moment,

Finally, I can feel the glory of love”

For a moment I saw myself incomplete, I started to blame the god for keeping me single. I started to imagine myself with my soulmate enjoying these beautiful moments. At this moment all the thoughts on my mind were cleared. I fell deeply into imagination for a moment.

At the time I am on deep imagination, suddenly a shout from the people far away from me fascinated all my dreams and brought me back from my imaginary world to the real world. I see those people with orange colored flags and bands. I recognized them as Bajrang Dal people at the moment I saw them locating the mall where I am. They generally oppose the celebrations of the valentines day and will get married to the couple whom they found.

Their existence changed all the things in my surroundings. Some of the couples ran away to escape and some of them who are together till now got separated and started to act as completely unknown persons. And ironically, all of sudden the relation between some of the lovers was changed to brothers and sisters :) All of sudden half of the people on mall were escaped.

I still stuck on shock after seeing these sudden changes in my surroundings. All the love I felt until now is gone. Now only thing visible to me among the couples is no longer Love but the Lust. They are just using the word Love cover their lust.

Most of the couples are saying that they are in love even without having the knowledge of what love really is. As a single, I too don’t know the concept of love. But I am damn sure that the thing I saw today is not the love. Real love cannot hide and cannot escape and cannot afraid of someone. And a real lover won’t leave their loved one in any situation. If they are not in love then I don’t understand the real purpose of The Valentines Day. Most of them are using today as an opportunity to fulfill their lust.

For a moment I felt happy for myself to be single and now I started to thank god for saving me from this kind of fake relationships. Today I didn’t learn what is love, but I did learn the most important thing that what is obviously not love. That moment made me laugh for judging those couples as true lovers.

Finally, I entered into KFC which is emptied by the couples who escaped by the shout of Bajarang Dal to order my snack.




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